Tarot Cards

Most people who have had a tarot card reading are familiar with the Universal Rider-Waite deck. However, there are literally thousands of tarot card decks, each artistic in appearance and pertaining to a particular hobby or interest. For instance, there are cards for cat lovers, ancient Egyptian themes, Romanian gypsy cards, fairies, celestial, and Art Nouveau gold-gilded cards. You get the idea. There are also different “species” of tarot card decks, such as shusta, gypsy, fortune telling, astrology, love cards, rune cards, angel card affirmations, and more. Each reader usually owns multiple tarot card decks and chooses which to read when hired as party entertainment for a particular function. Natasha, The Psychic Lady typically offers several decks and lets the guest determine which deck resonates!

Tarot card readings can be as varied as the personalities who interpret them or as diverse as the tarot card decks. Yes, there are fortune tellers who predict the paths a person may follow over the span of a year. But Natasha, The Psychic Lady’s particular sensitivities are more about revealing details for the near future that will provide spiritual guidance, hope, and reassurance that the guest always has the power to alter the path forward.

For the purpose of keeping the party flow moving, the readings are purposely brief, but are entertaining and informative. Although typically done while seated, it is possible for Natasha, The Psychic Lady to do an abbreviated tarot reading while strolling among the guests.