Read My Lips… I Mean Your Lips!

Lip print readings is a specialty that Natasha, The Psychic Lady first developed for store openings, promotions, and bridal events. She is the ORIGINATOR of Lip Print Readings, which is now being mimicked by others across the country. The popularity of these quick and quite fun lip print readings has spread to girls’ night outs, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and birthdays. Clients have even discovered these readings on TV shows and at wedding and corporate convention trade shows.

For events held at department stores, the Orlando psychic entertainer is usually seated near the cosmetic counter. If the woman does not have lipstick of her own to apply, she is sent to the cosmetic counter where a sample is applied, usually by a clerk. (Hey, listen up, says Natasha, The Psychic Lady. This is a proven method of having the Orlando psychic entertainer help you to sell lipstick!). With lipstick freshly applied, the guest then kisses a napkin, leaving an imprint. Why Natasha, The Psychic Lady is able to give a spontaneous intriguing reading of that guest’s personality and energy from a lip print is part of the allure and comic mystique.

When not conveniently located by a cosmetic counter, each customer applies their own color. Ask about the option of having lipsticks (kept sanitary) provided. Do ask about how to make these lip print readings become a valuable takeaway.