Handwriting Analysis

You know those expressions: “The handwriting is on the wall” or “He’s got the whole world in his hands”? The implication is that the truth is apparent and one just has to look to see what’s in front of one’s face. Those truths become immediately apparent when you hire a handwriting analyst (often referred to as a graphologist, depending on the reason for the handwriting analysis). Natasha, The Psychic Lady, has studied the art of handwriting analysis and combines those scientific methods with her inate intuition to accurately read guests at a party, corporate function, or trade show. One of the unique facets of Natasha, The Psychic Lady’s expertise, is how adept she has become at analyzing printing instead of cursive writing, upon which the science was founded.

In many instances, the party host is looking for the maximum number of guests to receive the attention of the handwriting analyst. Natasha, The Psychic Lady, has experience-proven methods to read more people, more quickly. The Orlando psychic entertainer has the guest write out a few sentences on paper provided. The analysis is not based on what is written but rather the formation of particular letters repetitively written in either pen or pencil. As with all Natasha, The Psychic Lady’s diverse readings, the analyzed handwriting comments are positive, personality-driven, and often humorous.

Handwriting analysis is a perfect way of entertaining and amazing guests at trade shows, for school functions and team building, and for various corporate and social events. Ask about how to make handwriting analysis a valuable takeaway for your guests.