Astrology, The Science & Fun Of It!

The closest Natasha, The Psychic Lady, comes to claiming to be a learned Astrologer is in the celestial costuming she may wear! Although she knows a lot about how the planets and stars affect personalities according to astrological signs, she does not profess to be an Astrologer or to do a mathematical, scientifically-formulated astrological reading. Think of the Orlando psychic entertainer more as the person who puts party in party entertainment!

An Astrologer analyzes the line-up of the planets and stars at the time of the querent’s birth. A very scientific process, astrology can deduce one’s personality, and what has transpired or will come about. Computer astrology reading programs, which can perform the task even more quickly with the correct data inputted and then interpreted by an Astrologer, can reveal how relationships will mature, how children will get along with their parents and siblings, or how the querent will do in the next year. These types of readings are quite suited for corporate functions and trade shows, but Natasha, The Psychic Lady takes her astrology reading to a whole different planet!

The Orlando psychic entertainer sees the humor and yes, the friction, that occurs when a person’s signs (therefore their traits) are in conflict with someone with whom that person is in close contact. Most people know their sun sign, as in “What’s Your Sign?” that used to be a popular conversation-starter. What most people don’t know is that there are 12 houses of signs.It is the amalgamation of those personality traits that comprises who a person ultimately is. As party entertainment, most guests don’t care about all the long details and want instead the juicy details of how their sign gets along with another person’s sign, so Natasha, The Psychic Lady can still be an entertaining choice in her dazzling celestial or astrology-themed costumes and friendly manner. Of course, if a knowledgeable Astrologer is preferred, ask Natasha about her friends.