Palm Reading

Your life–its history and its future–literally lies within your palms. The lines, the shapes of the palm and fingers, and the bumps all reveal a segment of your autobiography;  who you are, were, or could be. Key to the story, the Orlando psychic entertainer believes, is that you always have the power to rewrite the outcome.  Unlike a fortune teller who may use palm reading to predict the course a life takes, Natasha prefers to consider that her palm reading methods provide individual insights into personalities and relationships that assist a person to make better decisions.

Natasha, The Psychic Lady’s unique method of palm reading enables her to read not just individuals, but couples, families, BFFs, or team mates simultaneously. Whether strolling among the guests (she comes to the guests so they’re not standing in long lines) or seated at a table adorned with her metaphysical décor, she captivates the group with her interactive, positive readings. Young or old, at a party, trade show, wedding or corporate team building function, Natasha, The Psychic Lady’s unique blend of humor and powerful witty insights charms, exhilarates and amazes guests.