Overview of Readings & Events

Buyer be knowledgeable is perfect advice, whether you’re shopping for a private consultation to map out your future, or you’re looking to hire entertainment to enliven your next event. While a fortune teller may be a psychic, a psychic is not necessarily a fortune teller. Fortune tellers are predictive, describing your expected future. Orlando psychic entertainer, Natasha, believes that your future lies in the choices you make and whatever pact you have with your higher power. Yes, there are some destined occurrences, but Natasha believes that how you reach that destiny is determined by your expression of free will, so she uses her abilities, whether doing palm reading, tarot reading or other modalities, in a different way than other psychics.

There are as many interpretations during readings (or modalities, as those in the business call the methods of readings) as there are psychics. One may concentrate on business matters, another on health or love issues. Natasha’s strengths come from tuning into personalities and emotions. Even as party entertainment, she will use a harmonious blend of humor and accuracy to reveal how guests will respond to impending situations or how paying attention to their true feelings (and not what others’ expect of them), may clarify the choices to be made. As a psychic, the perfect choice for party entertainment, she combines her marvelously personal insights with the wit and charm necessary to amuse and intrigue guests. Natasha, The Psychic Lady is the master of a palm reading method she developed and is also skilled reading tarot, energy, tea leaves and coffee grinds; all methods she learned under the careful guidance of knowledgeable gifted relatives.

Which methods Natasha reads varies by the occasion, venue, guest needs and what type of party entertainment is requested. Among the choices offered are energy (a form of psychometry), palm reading, various types of tarot reading, runes,  lip print reading, tea leaf reading, coffee grinds, and handwriting analysis. While the Orlando psychic’s strengths do not include numerology, mediumship or astrology (except on a light level), the psychic entertainer can provide readers with those particular abilities. Natasha, The Psychic Lady, is not a fortune teller, predicting one’s life. She instead chooses to present a positive perspective about personalities and relationships.