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What if the party lights are turned down low?

A self-contained innovative performer, Natasha, The Psychic Lady requires neither bright lights nor a table and chairs to read your guests’ energy (a person’s vibrations). Lighting is required for palm or tarot reading, handwriting analysis, runes etc. but if your event doesn’t have adequate lighting, the Orlando psychic is always prepared with a magnifying light.

What is reading energy?

One of Natasha’s specialties, this involves the Orlando psychic entertainer briefly massaging the guest’s arms and hands; then placing her hands on top to read the vibrations. This relaxing technique works wonderfully in environs where traditional methods of reading aren’t practical (such as low-lit rooms, moving buses, or crowded, noisy banquet rooms), or when your guests are tired or nervous.

What if there are children present?

Natasha loves to read children, no matter the age, believing they are never too young to receive her positive reinforcements of their character and personality. She doesn’t believe in leaving children out of the action, and will find a way to deliver the information so both the child or teen are awed and inspired. She frequently works at graduations,birthdays and college functions, doing palm or tarot readings, handwriting analysis. The Orlando psychic has traveled across country to perform for these events.

What if someone at my party has a religious objection?

Natasha, The Psychic Lady respects the beliefs of others, and considers what she does a blessing to only be used in a positive manner. No guest is ever pressured to have a palm reading, tarot reading, or even to have handwriting analysis. The guest is able to observe others being read by the Orlando psychic (or fortune teller as she is sometimes called), and has the option of being read at a later time.

How would Natasha benefit my trade show booth?

She’s a Pied Piper. Attendees are attracted by her costuming (themed to the occasion), her effervescent smile and high energy, but they’ll stay because the Orlando psychic offers quick, comic personal readings, or a spontaneous group palm or tarot reading session when the crowd becomes too large. While they’re gathered, your sales force can work their magic.

What team building or motivational programs does Natasha offer?

Customized in length and need, the programs use metaphysics and her experience from reading and entertaining thousands of people to offer insights into how personalities within the work or home environment can be spotted, appreciated for their differences, and enhanced. (See descriptions of individual programs)

What type of costuming does Natasha wear?

The Orlando psychic will wear whatever is appropriate for your theme or occasion. Her attire can be subdued even while reflecting a chosen meeting and event theme, or it can be tastefully outrageous. As the psychic entertainer oft says, “Have costumes, will travel and work.” For a detailed description of costumes and themes available, please refer to The Psychic Lady’s Themes category.

What is the length of Natasha’s appearances?

Show lengths are customized to your needs and finances, meeting and event. Just as her costumes are selected to honor your theme or color scheme, she customizes her palm or tarot readings, handwriting analysis and other readings to fit the time frame you need to maximize the effect for your guests. What’s important to the Orlando psychic is that you are receiving the best in party entertainment.

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