Looks like you found me.

Welcome. You've taken your valuable time to find me. That makes you a creative event or party planner whos is looking to provide your guests with a novel interactive experience. Some people call me a fortune teller, but as I believe I am offering the best in party entertainment designed to enlighten and amuse, not predict. I prefer being called a psychic entertainer. Though listings may consider me an Orlando psychic, I actually work throughout the country, but particularly in the Central Florida vicinity. You may have been browsing the internet, unsure what type of entertainment would be appropriate for your special event, but you had seen a palm reader or had a tarot reading at a function, and thought, hmmmmmmmmmm! I wonder what that's really about. At least you're being open-minded enough to check it out!

Again, I say welcome to my virtual world of party entertainment, where you can visit my services as a psychic entertainer as long as you like. Browse through photos of some of my costumes (even the web doesn't have a closet big enough to house all my themed costumes), explore the diverse ways I magically enhance your event with palm reading or tarot reading or many of the other types of modalities (that's a word we use to describe diverse readings), peruse testimonials (unsolicited and glowing--what more could you ask for?), or simply satisfy your curiosity about just what exactly a psychic entertainer is. Maybe after this, you'll think of me as a psychic entertainer and not a fortune teller as well!

I'd like your visit to my virtual world as an Orlando psychic who specializes in party entertainment to be cheery, warm, and enlightening. You may find the answers to your questions about what exactly a psychic entertainer is and what does one offer in the way of party entertainment in my Frequently Asked Questions section. Don't hesitate to contact me if you don't see the answer. I consider myself positive, humorous, interactive, and accurate as a psychic entertainer (read fortune teller if you must!). But more importantly, I am receptive to your thoughts and needs to make your event inspire WOW! reactions from your guests. Together, I "know" we can achieve the extraordinary!

What is a Psychic Entertainer?

A psychic entertainer offers a uniqely fun way to add some mystical spice to your event. Doesn't matter if this is a corporate function, trade show, wedding, bar mitzvah, or a birthday party. If you came to this site looking for a private consultation, look elsewhere. I provide party entertainment that is family friendly, from young children to seniors. This website presents Natasha and her skills as a Psychic Entertainer (although she also engages other highly-skilled psychics when events require the services of more than one).

The goal for any, and all of us, who just happen to be based in the Orlando area, is to provide short, sweet and positive insights through palm reading, tarot reading or other metaphysical styles to as many of your guests as possible for the duration of your event. Like Natasha, they are not "Be all, Know all" super beings who tell each guest's life history or who are fortune teller futurists. Nor are they doom-sayers. Natasha and her friends are the answer to stress-free party entertainment planning: intuitive, responsible, self-sufficient people who show up to your event appropriately attired, ready to bring a smile and individual revelations. Although they prefer strolling among your guests (to prevent long lines), they are happy to sit at a small table embellished with their own ornate metaphysical decor.

Moreover, a psychic entertainer is an affordable solution to giving your guests an interactive experience that's simultaneously retro and cutting edge. Psychics have been around since the beginning of time, whether known as seers, fortune tellers, oracles or prophecizers. What contemporizes them are how they have been woven into the fabric of mainstream life, from books like Harry Potter or movies and television shows depicting them as people who help save lives with their intuitive abilities. Even the most cynical person wants to know about him or herself. The Psychic entertainer provides those answers by addressing personality, feelings, and life choices that the querent ponders, while still respecting individual religious and cultural beliefs. No one is under pressure to be read. To the contrary, as party entertainment where awed guests are quick to tell what was said, even once skeptical people are frequently heard to comment, "Me next"!